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JavaScript developer with React/Next.js

I am a JavaScript developer with a proactive, problem solving attitude. Since 2016 working with clients building company and e-commerce websites. Covered a role as Junior Frontend Developer at iGamingNuts for 2+ years. Hands-on experience with React, Angular, jQuery, popular frontend libraries and UI/UX. Currently creating custom software and e-commerce solutions. I bring a creative mindset with an eye on aesthetics, SOLID principles, clean code, RWD and Core Web Vitals. Rather than collecting certifications (however I have one in JavaScript from Software Development Academy) I prefer diving deep into coding and solving problems for my clients. I'm constantly learning and growing. I'm passionate about elevating user experiences through innovative solutions, ensuring both performance and smooth transitions. Altough I really enjoy Angular, React best fits most of my current clients needs. I'd like to contribute my skills to ambitious, interesting projects. Join me on LinkedIn and feel free to contact me.

My works

website redesign

Norbudwebsite redesign


Norbud is a Polish construction company. What I did for the client:

  • Improved color palette, UI/UX, frontend development
  • Implemented light/dark mode using React Context API and Tailwind
  • Used PHP, CPTs and CFs to program a gallery system and other content in WordPress backend to let client easily manage content to be displayed on the frontend.
  • Implemented React carousel library to work with WordPress image galleries.

My role

UI designfrontendbackend


TypeScriptreactNext.jsPHPWordPress Rest APItailwind CSSvercel
restaurant website

Hassanrestaurant website


Website for a restaurant in Starogard Gdańsk. The client wanted a performant website with modern UI. I was responsible for the UI/UX design and full stack development. I used React and Next on the frontend and WordPress as a headless CMS.

My role

UI/UXfullstack development


JavaScriptreactNext.jsWordPress Rest APItailwind CSSvercel
modern one-page website

Primo MOSmodern one-page website


Developed a modern website for Primo MOS Barber Shop in Gdańsk. Curated the color palette, UI/UX, responsiveness and light/dark mode.

My role

UI/UX, web development


TypeScriptreactNext.jswordPress REST APICSStailwind CSSvercel
performant frontend app for NBA fans

Basket Maniacsperformant frontend app for NBA fans


An Angular web application showing last game scores, news and historical info about teams, players and games from the NBA world.

My role

UI/UX designSPA development


figmaangulartypescriptRxJsRest API
website redesign

Godere.plwebsite redesign


Developed a new website for the client. Godere designs and builds original computer cases using LEGO pieces. I also designed the logo and business cards.

My role

logobusiness cardsweb developmentUI/UX


inkscapeAffinity DesignerAffinity PhotojavascripttypescriptangularAngular MaterialCSS
new home page design

Niimbot.plnew home page design

E-commerce is a Polish leader in reselling printers and labels. I did a refresh of the home page. I improved the UX, modernized the design, fixed color palette, the page HTML structure dividing in subsections, added new components such as carousels and CSS transitions. The client asked also to improve performance on mobile devices. I did this with a resulting performance gain from 6% to 28% according to LightHouse.

My role

Home page UI/UXE-commerce tasksFrontend developmentMobile performance optimization


online shop for warriors

Daddy's DSGNonline shop for warriors


Daddy's DSGN crafts sports wear and accessories for atletes and passionates. I designed the views with Figma, developed a custom WordPress theme, added content and configured the e-commerce in WooCommerce.

My role

UI/UX designcustom WordPress theme


elegant company website

Classic Mebleelegant company website

Home furnishing

Developed a modern, elegant company website for Classic Meble. The client specialises in the production and sell of ad-hoc furnishing. Offers also free transport services in Trójmiasto area. They wanted an elegant, professional design that reflects the brand values.

My role

web development


performant website

G-BIZ Księgowośćperformant website


G-Biz is an accounting studio based in Gdynia. I was responsible for designing logo, business card and website. The client wanted a one-page website, readable, easy to navigate and performant. Therefore I decided to use clean HTML, CSS with a minimal usage of JavaScript, achieving blazing loading performance.

My role

logobusiness cardsweb development


website redesign

Dla Maluszkawebsite redesign


For Dla Maluszka in Warsaw I redesigned the website, creating a custom WordPress theme for the existing CMS installation.

My role

Custom WordPress theme


modern company website

Sauber Serwismodern company website


Designed logo and website for Sauber Serwis.

My role

logoUI/UX designweb development


affinity designerwordPressElementor
weather app with live background

Meteo Livebgweather app with live background

Life style

Weather app with live background. Check also other versions made with Vue oraz Angular

My role

SPA development


javaScriptCSSRest API

Seconds formatterminitool


A simple minitool taking a count of seconds as input and will tell you how many days, hours, minutes or even years have passed in that amount of seconds. Of course in a more readable way.

My role

web application development


responsive wedding page

Tiffania & Justinresponsive wedding page

Life style

A wedding page with countedown to the date of the upcoming wedding. Shows also other important information like the venue and locations. The goal was to deliver guests all the important info in a beautiful way, independently from which mobile device they have. In fact the page is fully responsive.

My role

UI/UX designweb development